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29 Things To Do At Home Quarantine How-To

29 Things To Do At Home Quarantine How To

2- The idea behind obvious action is you change your behavior your thoughts and your feelings will change you. So it’s MY BEHAVIOR OF LATE HAS BEEN LYING UNDER THE COVERS watching hours and hours of Bravo the opposite action would be just stand up. Often the hardest part is just getting started. I’ll tell you where to start. Why did you tidy up around here? But I’m in the middle of it. Well this isn’t fun. OK then why don’t you try to paint something.

Quarantine How-To

3- I’m an artist or learn an instrument OK. Any instrument. Or learn to juggle any kind of juggling learn French Avalon please learn to French braid. Do a makeover and zoom to show off your look.

4 – So how am I doing Doc. Do you like my new look. Wow you look great. I love that you’re doing so many novel things and you’re definitely forming some new neural connections. Just remember there’s a concept that I like that is a good reminder that we need variety in what we do. It’s called the Healthy Mind.

5 – POTTER And what it says is that we need a good balance of sleep time physical time focused time connecting time playtime downtime and time. So should my activities follow these different categories to the point in a healthy mind pattern basically that these are a bunch of different kinds of essential mental activities that optimize our brain functioning and create well-being by making new neural connections and all the areas that are important?

6 – So think of it kind of like a brain buffet and you don’t want to load up on just one thing. You want to take a little bit from each so that you have a balance. So get physical. Do a workout routine. For a dance routine. Hula hoop. And stretch. Finders Zen and meditate or Get into gardening. Boredom might be so intolerable because it means being left alone with our own thoughts.

In 2014 study subjects proved they’d rather administer themselves electrical shocks than being left alone to think for just six to 15 minutes. The point is we crave external stimuli. And I prefer succulents to electrical shocks. They’re actually gonna be sunflowers but same. Next, brush up on middle school geography or satellite photography. Then. Learn Photoshop. Hang out to decorate. Or clean out your closet. Wait

8 – You’re getting rid of this. No no I’m keeping that fine. You have ten more things to do anyway. Make a cockpit orange or a cookie suite take a bath. Learn magic or learn video editing How meta.

9 – This week I went from total boredom to absolute overdrive. But what I found was a balance. Thanks to the healthy mind platter. If you’re feeling stuck a good place to start is by looking at those categories from physical time to creative time focus from time to time alone.

10 – They’ll give you ideas of what to do. That was only 24 things and I promise twenty-nine Heller. How My five acts of kindness which this week were supporting an after school program making a sign for essential workers signing a petition donating PPE to hospitals and providing for.

11 – Ultimately the antidote to boredom is just getting started. So go out there and do something then tell me in the comments below how you’re giving back.

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