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9 Things a Teen Boy Wants His Mom to Know

9 Things a Teen Boy Wants His Mom to Know

Rarely do we talk about how painful it is as a mom when our sons begin to put some necessary distance between us and we realize that we need to begin to let go in order for our sons to become young men. 

When my son began to inch towards high-school I became increasingly aware that our relationship was changing. Not only did I realize that our relationship was changing, I knew it needed to change and that was the brutal part. 

When he was young I knew the dance steps. We’d cuddle and read books, go to the grocery store together, he’d follow me around, hang out with me in the kitchen and share all about his day. As he got older he began to pull away, he didn’t want to hang out with me and talk quite as much. Reading books and cuddling on the couch was no longer appropriate. It was painful (heartbreaking really).


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