Nursing School Cheat Sheets: 50 Tips for Making the Grade

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Nursing School Cheat Sheets: 50 Tips for Making the Grade by Donovan Gow

Make nursing school easier, ace your exams and crush the NCLEX© with this great quick reference study guide including 50 cheat sheets covering must-know nursing fundamentals, lab values, drugs, health assessment, mnemonics and more!

These high quality cheat sheets cover key topics including nursing labs, fluids and electrolytes, acid-base balance, medications, assessment, cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, pediatrics and precautions.

Buy it now and start making nursing school easier today!

Makes a great gift for future and current nursing students, recent grads or anyone looking to brush up on their nursing fundaments with a quick study guide.

50 Cheat Sheets include:

Labs & Measurements
Common Hematology Values
White Blood Cell (WBC) Mnemonic
Coagulation Values
Anticoagulation Therapy Overview
Electrolyte Values
Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Values
Commonly Ordered Blood Panels
Cholesterol & Triglycerides (mg/dL)
ABO Blood Groups
A1C – Diabetes
Fasting Blood Glucose and Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests – Diabetes
Common Measurement Abbreviations & Conversions
Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion

Fluids & Electrolytes, Acid-Base Balance
Determining Acidosis & Alkalosis
Acid-Base Mnemonic
Edema Scale

20 Common Drug Group Stems
Top 10 Most Prescribed Drugs in the U.S.
Common Medication Antidotes
Medication Administration Abbreviations
Medications Route Abbreviations
The Joint Commission’s Official “Do Not Use” List of Abbreviations
7 Parts of a Legal Medication Order

General Assessment
Assessment Abbreviations
Anatomical Planes
Anatomical Directional Terms
Anatomical Body Movement
Adult Vital Signs
Pressure Ulcer Staging
Wallace Rule of Nines to Determine Total Burn Surface Area

Blood Pressure: Hypotension and Hypertension
Heart Sound Auscultation Landmarks
ECG Overview & Electrode (Lead) Placement
ECG Components & Normal Values
ECG Paper Basics
ECG Interpretation Steps

Normal Breath Sounds
Adventitious (Abnormal) Breath Sounds
Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) & Spirometry

Deep Tendon Reflex (DTR) Scoring
Cranial Nerves – Function
Cranial Nerves – Mnemonic: Names of Nerves
Cranial Nerves – Mnemonic: Sensory, Motor, or Both
Decorticate versus Decerebrate Posturing
Glasgow Coma Scale

Rh Incompatibility & Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn

Standard Precautions
Transmission-Based Precautions
Order of Donning & Removing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Nursing School Cheat Sheets: 50 Tips for Making the Grade by Donovan Gow


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